Valentine’s day and the social paradox


Love is in the air as it is being said and I am upset to watch TV channels airing special transmission showing extremely shameful expressions of this so-called love. Society is divided among the conservatives who are desperately trying to stop this growing trend and the so-called liberals who see the whole liberalism and modernism in crossing all the boundaries of religion and society.

The only focus of majority of ullema is ‘haya’ and that too in a particular context. Everything other than that automatically gets ignored. Liberals on the other hand, are bound to react adversely to everything related to morality and religion and rest is all fine. There are people who are free to do whatever they want and they give this ‘liberty’ to others as well. Then there are those who can do whatever they can but for others they have different standards of ‘morality’. Very few are those who are not so liberal to accommodate anything in the name of this so-called freedom or morality. All of them are desperately trying to undo others without analysing the magnitude and severity of the problem.

We see parents who strictly keep the kids under the radar of the morality to the extent that they suffocate them and it gets a severe reaction as well. Either their kids lose their confidence or they bounce back and resort to rebellion. On the other side, there are parents who have given complete freedom to their kids and also accessorize it with mobiles, laptops and tabs. As you go out at 14th feb, you see kids wearing red dresses, teens with roses, women with blood-red lips, boys buying chocolates and flowers. Parks and hotels are packed with people and offering special valentine packages and all this in Islamic Republic of Pakistan !

Kids are being robbed of their innocence at a tender age, youth is out of focus. Situation is grave but it is not surprising because of the way we handle our relations, because of the deteriorating condition of our family system. Kids are either left for schools and then for the tuition centres. Fathers are needed, just for the finances and mothers are busy watching cooking shows and trying their recipes if they get some time out of their domestic politics. Scholars are hard to find but Mr. Google is always available and serving as the most popular religious guide. What else can we expect than???

When you give laptops and mobiles to the kids and do not have time for them, when you have a system where a daughter cannot openly communicate with parents and where sons are free to do whatever they want, where religion is different for son and for the daughter you have a different version, for elite class there is one version and for the lower middle class you have different standards. Even education is divided, even deen is divided. To me Valentine’s day is not the problem. The real problem is our dual character and if it persists, I am afraid…

I am afraid of the consequences like valentines day at one end and honour killing at the other. Bomb blasts on one side and suicide attacks on the other….




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