Getting the Priorities Right: Children

The advent of the Internet and the Social Media has brought revolutionary changes in our lives. It has affected almost everything, from the way we think, to the way we look and behave. World has turned into a global village with seamless connectivity across frontiers. But,  just as we can help‎, meet and greet each other in many ways, it has also posed multi-faceted challenges.

Apparently we see an ‎ocean of information, which ultimately turns out to be ‘ocean of misinformation’.

Privacy issues of an individual, and the availabilty of explicit content, on every topic on earth, right on finger tips is a topic of immense concern. And this combination added to today’s broken family system turns out to be a Lethal.

The destruction to the value system of the society, with such a stealthy and assured lethal dose is ongoing right under our nose. Since it is camouflaged by the label of ‘freedom’, we are unsuspecting, and at the same time most vulnerable.

The unchecked and unregulated penetration of information has made the situation much dangerous than what ‎we anticipate‎. But I believe, the real issue is not the social media, the problem lies in the social system itself.

It starts from deep rooted generation gap, which is getting wider day by day. Parents are busy with their social obligations. Fathers are busy making money and mothers are busy spending it. ‎The focus is on providing the kids with all the luxuries irrespective of need.

Kids are handed ipads and tablets without even telling them once, as to the positives and the negatives of the device usage. They need parents in those tender years, but get left with mobiles and laptops. They need advice from elders, but are left  on the mercy of social media. Parents and children are walled from each other, as a consequence. Children are left unguided, undirected, and most importantly, emotionally unsupported.

Social media could have been of great help if we have used it with responsibility. If parents try to spend quality time with kids and regulate their online activity. It can work wonders in improving their performance and capabilities.

But in the contemporary context, it seems more dangerous than any other danger…

getting the priorities right



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