Ummah in a Tornado

Accepted Whispers

There is a story of a tyrant who lived in Iraq hundreds of years ago who called a group of scholars before him and posed them the question, “Am I a tyrant?” They responded, ‘No’, and he killed them for lying. Then he called another group of scholars and asked them the same question. They answered, ‘Yes’, and he killed them as well. Then he called a third group of scholars and asked the same question and one of them answered that it is impossible for him to be more of a tyrant than his subjects. This was the answer he had been looking for, so he spared their life.
That is the relationship between rulers and ruled. Good people, good rulers. Bad people, bad rulers.

“…The hearts of the rulers are in my control. When My servants obey Me, I turn their leaders towards them in kindness. When My servants disobey Me…

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