Why I have a beard ?

Rational Inferences

“Why do you keep a beard?” is an oft-repeated question I am asked.

The question makes me think that, I am not being asked this question because I sport a beard, but because Muslims have given up keeping beard the Sunnah way, in India and also elsewhere.

Why do I keep it then? The simple answer is : It is a Sunnah or in Indian sub continent we say,Sunnat. But I know this does not qualify to be justified answer to many, to people I am not at all answerable anyway.

But, the topic in itself deserves some explanation. Especially in the times when the many Muslims choose NOT to adopt this Sunnah in their lives.

Sunnah/Sunnat in Islamic terminology is any action that Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم‎ (peace be upon him) used to do and recommended his followers to do as well.

People choose different…

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