Education or Distortion??

Education is the backbone of every society and its required for the very survival of a nation. But here, in Pakistan, we see a joke in the name of education. Even after 65 years of this so-called independence we are still unable to devise a system that can provide quality education. Instead we have a system that strengthens the elite and suffocates the poor, a system that creates and widens the gap to safeguard the interests of some..

A number of parallel systems are on their way without any regulation. We have government schools at one end and private institutes at the other without any coherence either in curriculum or in the standard of education they provide. Only the privileged class has the privilege to go to the private institutes that charge heavily. Poorly managed government schools are for the middle class and those who have nothing to pay have madaaris as their last resort. Coaching centres seems like a new trend where education is no more than a business. So the majority is kept illiterate by design. As a consequence rich get richer and the poor is marginalized to the extent that it has become enormously difficult to survive without opting for illegal ways.

Formulation of curriculum is yet another controversial thing. Still it is not decided upon as to what kind of citizens are needed, the priorities are ambiguous hence easily manipulated. Then comes the medium of education, there are divisions on the basis of language, every province has its own compulsions therefore divisions occur on provincial basis, deregulated madaaris have their own implications so divisions are on the basis of sects as well. Education in normal sense, is meant to liberate, but our education system is based on restraints that causes resentment and intolerance. Extremism and terrorism are a by-product. Because of the lack of thought, the gap is made so wide that it makes almost impossible to acknowledge and understand the differences or to give space to each other. Lawlessness adds fuel to it resulting in economic, social and financial turmoil.

Most importantly, Quran and Sunnah which are the guiding principles of an Islamic state as they were during the time of first four Khulafa, is no where in the priorities, neither in the policy making nor in the implementation in this so called Islamic-Republic. Vague curriculum, distorted history, impractical knowledge and corrupt system, we have more than enough reasons to be in a state where we are today…


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